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We’re in full on move-mode over here and shit is, as they say, starting to get REAL. We went to Boston yesterday to sign the lease on the Soon-To-Be Alves Manor (!!!), which was equal parts exciting and exhausting. Given that we only had one week to find an apartment and sign a lease before moving, we did tremendously well.

[ Aside for those familiar with Boston: we were looking to live in the South End and ended up just over on the Back Bay side of Southwest Corridor Park, due to the available apartments we looked at in the more residential streets lacking either central air or parking. So, we took the first place in our budget that had both and it happened to be, shall we say, just a TAD closer to downtown than we’d planned. ]

[ For those who don’t understand the sarcasm of that last sentence, I took a photo of the view from our building’s front door. ]


The only other photo I managed to take, between paper signing and Whuffle-wrangling – this is our courtyard. By which I mean, this courtyard is between the buildings in our complex and is gated and only accessible to residents. We’re on the first floor and our front door opens up directly to this, so very much anticipate many more photos of this area with a Whuff on the loose. It’s every bit as good as having our own backyard.

The apartment is amazing, but admittedly not perfect. Let’s start with a run down of the pros –

PRO: Very safe building, plenty of security. Quiet area for being in the middle of the city. Very, very well maintained. Beautiful outdoor area. Close to EVERYTHING – there’s a park behind that building on the left with a really nice playground. Across the street is the Prudential building and mall, including a supermarket. Within walking distance of the South End and Copley/downtown. For anything not in walking distance, were the T (green line) any closer, it would be in our bathroom. Air conditioning. Washer/dryer in! the apartment! Dishwasher. Good closet space. Freshly painted/brand new carpets (not that I love carpet, but at least it’s *new* and not full of dust). Parking garage next door w/pretty reasonable resident rates.

But… then the cons…

CON: I very specifically did not want to live downtown again after we lived in Back Bay in ’09. It’s a great location… for being constantly in the middle of a throng of tourists. I really hope that some day I can live in Boston and not constantly be run down by the freaking Duck Boats right outside my door. Seriously – the HORDES of tourists gets really, really old after about five minutes. Carpeting in the living/dining area. Not a fan. Nope. Not at all. And it’s… cozy. We have 2BR, but in total this is the same size as our 1BR loft was in Providence. The master bedroom is a decent size, P’s room is much smaller and oddly shaped – which isn’t a problem so much as a furniture-Tetris-challenge.

The size is really the biggest drawback and it’s truly a decent size for the middle of the city and what we’re paying. We’ll be putting most of our furniture into storage for our eventual upgrade into a bigger place, and living with the King of Minimalism is a huge advantage here as Nuno doesn’t keep (or allow me to keep) extra *stuff* that’s not serving a purpose. So, we’ll do some ruthless weeding out of the house and we’ll be able to pare down our possessions, no problem. There’s absolutely enough space for three humans…

… just not three humans and two cats. Especially not when one of the humans chases the cats. We’re in a house right now that is quite frankly too big for us (SRSLY. We have more space than we have any idea what to do with – we’re honestly in a lot of ways glad to be downsizing.) and that has meant that the cats have *plenty* of places to go if they’ve had enough of The Whuffle Show. This will not be true in the smaller apartment. After P was born, they’d kind of Had It in Providence, so I know they’re not going to enjoy being cooped up after they’ve had so much breathing room.

To this end, we’ve put our emotional attachment to these creatures aside and tried to think of what’s best for the kitties. We couldn’t possibly take them to a shelter, neither of us could bear to think of the kitties in cages even if they ended up in wonderful homes afterwards. So, we tried to think of who we knew in New England who might like two mentally maladjusted but lovable felines.

As it turns out, one of our good friends is also moving in August – into a much BIGGER place. She’s met our cats and loves them, and they even love HER – which is amazing because these cats can be… assholes. They don’t really warm up to people. They’re big on shunning visitors. But they love Lis. So, she talked it over with her husband and it was agreed that she will take our kitties off of our hands. So, while we’re moving to Boston our kitties are moving to… Michigan.

Nothing’s set in stone, but Lis is coming to visit us anyway the first week in September and if all goes well, she’ll be taking our feline companions back home with her. I’m really sad to think about not having these furbags around, but this is truly the best outcome I could imagine for everybody. They’re going to be so much happier in a bigger house without an over-active toddler up in their business. And we’ll still be able to see photos of them all the time and even visit them in person should we get out to see Lis (which is highly likely).

So now instead of sleeping, I’m re-arranging furniture in my mind and thinking about the ins-and-outs of cat travel. I’m really looking forward to the move so that we can be done with this restless moving energy and start settling in to our new home.