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We’re hanging out at Oma’s house in Vermont before the big move on Thursday. Nuno’s back in the old place getting everything packed and getting the kitties ready for *their* big move tomorrow. (I forgot to say goodbye to Wensleydale! So sad!) So, here we are. Hanging out.

The town where I grew up is an old factory town – they used to produce a lot of machine tools back in “the day.” Even when I was a kid, all three big factories were running – though they started shutting down in the mid 80s. Now, they’re all empty and the town feels like it has as many abandoned buildings as occupied ones. Not necessarily what you think of when you think of “Vermont.” We’ve been taking walks around town and I’ve done my best to capture some of the lingering beauty of this town on the river, even though its heyday has past.

The action shot with Oma? Yeah, he’s not only totally walking now, but he’s an expert at kicking the ball. Forget the Olympics, he’s in early training for the World Cup

(Also: the picture with Buddha might be my favoritest picture. It might be hard to tell, but what he’s doing is trying to hand Sid a shell – he very much thinks this statue is a very quiet person and tries to interact with it. That Sid doesn’t respond hasn’t fazed him any.)