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My journey into re-residency (Nuno and I lived here in May ’08 – June ’09) in Ye Olde Towne of Beanes began with my 5:30 wake-up call. Even with a young Whuffle who has no concept of “sleeping in” or “weekends,” this is damn early. Oma, the Whuff, and I hit the road by 6 to drop me off to catch my bus into South Station that I might be at Alves Manor in advance of the movers to greet them with open arms. Whuff will join me tomorrow, so it’s been a whole lot of nothing all day.

And y’know, living with a toddler, nothing is GLORIOUS. I may not have furniture, but I have peace and quiet. I totally napped on the floor using a folded up changing pad as a “pillow” and a wrap skirt as a “blanket.” And it was amazing. Three hours on the bus? I had no one clawing at my face! It was three hours of bliss and Bon Iver.

On the bus! Paulo looks so much like me that when I posted this to FB, more than one person thought that this was The Whuff in a wig. My uterus was totally a cloning device, the Y chromosome being the only evidence that I didn’t merely spawn a carbon copy of myself.

The rest of my day… so quiet… so empty… capturing this short moment of possibility before chaos descends.