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I kind of can’t believe we did it, but after a short walk to Newbury St to get some dinner and a shower curtain last night – we unpacked the entire house in *3 hours.* Now, mind you, we’d consolidated a lot… but that’s still a major accomplishment. Oh, the things you can do when threatened with a toddler invasion.

The Whuff descended upon us this afternoon. He was bewildered – and at times way overwhelmed – by the T. So many people! So much noise! I’m confident that he’ll get used to it and in a few weeks it’ll just be business as usual. For now, I can totally understand being a bit intimidated from going from riding around in your own private car all the time to being in a big stinky train with a spazillion other people.

He’s really enjoyed wandering around the apartment. He’s totally walking all the time now and pointing at things and really happy and digging it… except for going to sleep. Ugh. Even though it’s all of his stuff, it’s like a night in the “Pack N Scream” where he just gets totally pissed off by the very thought of sleeping under these conditions. Oi. Hopefully this will become home-base in his mind soon enough.

Some process shots of our (re) adjustment so far.

First up, this is our grocery store – a minute from our house. And it’s where the duck boats line up. So… to get in there, you have to dodge hundreds of tourists with duck whistles. I love living in a city, but really get tired very fast of living in a tourist hot-spot. I’m choosing to be amused by it. QUACK.