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We had planned our EPIC VACATION OF EPICNESS months and months ago and it’s just perfect timing. After the events of last week what with the loss of my grandfather and our mystery illness with its accompanied screaming – no one has needed a vacation more than the Alves clan. And lo, we are having an EPIC time.

By EPIC I mean that when Nuno decided we should get a beach house, he decided we should invite pretty much everyone we know. So – this weekend was the three of us plus his best friend, Mario, my best friend, Kat and her husband (Matt) & son (Archer, who is 8 wks. younger than Paulo. 7 wks and 5 days younger if you want to be exact.), and my good friend, Lis. Kat & co. weren’t able to stay the whole week and our good friends Mike & Diane were out of town this past weekend, so there’s a bit of swap and they will join us on Wednesday with their son, James (10mos). Phew. It’s really great being in one of my favorite places with so many of our favorite people.

I think Nuno might even be enjoying this vacation almost as much as he enjoyed PLANNING this vacation.

This afternoon we also had a little mini-visit from my parents in honor of my impending birthday – TOMORROW. I spent my birthday here on Plum Island last year and seriously, this year has flown by so fast. I think 30 might have been the shortest year of my life in terms of how fast the year *felt.* It was a good year, and I think 31 looks promising. And somehow, 31 feels a lot older than 30. Older than 30 felt from 29, that’s for sure.

Anyhow. We took the Whuff to the beach and my little Pisces is definitely his mama’s boy. He was a bit apprehensive about sand (which he got over in time), but absolutely fearless about the water. He stuck his toes right in and had we let go, he would have just walked straight across the Atlantic all the way to France.

(Archer? Less impressed. He’s skeptical about the ocean, not sure where it fits in with his political views.)