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We’ve been back for a week and I still haven’t posted the last pics from our vacation. I blame equal parts being busy and simply being too lazy to drag my computer out of the closet since I’ve taken to using my iPad for everything but photo editing and typing… which pretty much means “everything but blogging.” It’s such an amazing device that using my laptop now feels a little clunky – I’ll figure out my blog writing rhythm eventually – for now it’s laptop use on the weekends and the week is full of all kinds of reading. (Seriously, I do so much reading on that thing. Blogs. Magazines. Books. I read ALL THE THINGS.)

Anyhow. Our last day on Plum Island was dedicated to finding a petting zoo. There’s nothing Nuno loves more than a good petting zoo. Unless it’s a monkey. A petting zoo full of monkeys would be his heaven. We found a nice little historic farm in Newbury – which did not have monkeys, but did have a few goats. And a wheel, which was The Whuff’s favorite part.