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[ Currently quite pleased that it’s cool enough to wear makeup again without feeling like my pores are going to sweat themselves shut forever. May – August are usually barefaced for me, which isn’t really my preference aesthetically speaking. Dunno how ladies in warmer climates do it! ]

Reading: Just got Blog, Inc. in the mail and so far… I love the design of the book, but kind of eeehhhhh on the content. It’s driving me bats that there are some wonderful interviews with bloggers, but no URLs! I mean, I can google this stuff easily enough, but who includes any kind of interview with a blogger and doesn’t include their blog address?! Also reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and also kinda eehhhhhh… I’m having a rough time getting really into this one, which isn’t what I expected at all as I do love David Mitchell.

Watching: Nuno and I are currently watching Luther, which makes this the fifth TV show we’ve both enjoyed equally. No lie, it’s super hard to find anything that we both like. The very, very short list: The Wire, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory (for a few seasons anyway, Nuno has declared that he’s done with it now), Downton Abbey (and yes, the inclusion of Downton Abbey on this list shocks no one more than me as usually the first sign that Nuno will NOT be interested in a show is if it makes demands that you invest in *emotions*). There might be a few that I’ve missed, but it’s a very, very short list in any case.

Listening To: The onset of fall has brought the onset of acoustic guitars. My Spotify at the moment is full of Ray LaMontagne, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Of Monsters and Men, and Birdy. Little Talks is definitely “my jam” lately in terms of song getting the most airtime – it’s very late September-y in feel. Who doesn’t love a good sea shanty?

Thinking About: Not too much, really. Settling into a groove and really enjoying it. Thinking a bit about this blog and trying to find ways to put more into it, it’s been hard for me to really *create* in this new space – my online life of late has been much more about consuming media and I’d like to get things a little more balanced where I’m putting content out there as well.

Loving: Fall is a tough season for me – October tends to be my hardest month, emotionally and mentally. There’s something about the creeping in of winter that just makes my Nordic blood panic – something truly primal and hardwired about the impending darkness that gives me a very existential case of the howling fantods every single year. But at the same time, I’m truly loving the onset of cooler weather. Bringing out my boots and leggings from retirement. Oh yes, I’m the mom at playgroup in the giant Harley Davidson motorcycle boots and black eyeliner (and hippy-dippy tunics and scarves – I would define my style as “Urban BoHo“). The summer version of me with the maxi dresses and sandals is a nice diversion, but feels really dressed down. September – May is where I feel most comfortable in my style. Every single summer feels like a shock in terms of “What am I supposed to WEAR?!” and maybe one of these years, I’ll get the hang of it. (And yet, summer is by far my favorite season. No question. Go figure I haven’t worked out dressing for it.)

Looking Forward To: Playdate tomorrow with one of my good friends from the PVD and her two sweet girls! Socially, Boston has been amazing for us and in addition to making new friends, it’s been much easier for us to see some of our old pals as well.

Making Me Happy: Paulo has discovered what I like to call “The Hug Game” wherein I sit on the floor and he runs full steam ahead into my arms – over and over and over again. It’s just the greatest ever and the giant smiles and great big hugs make up for any number of frustrating toddler moments. I honestly really love the toddler stage and I think heaven is where you get to play The Hug Game for all eternity.

[ Playing along with Sometimes Sweet! ]