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Just some photos of recent Whuffs About Town.

We’re settling into a nice routine of mornings in the Prudential Garden where mama drinks tea and The Whuff runs amok, followed by a nap and some afternoon adventures and playgroups during the week and lots of Dad & Whuffle time on the weekends with our family lunches. We’ve been going out for lunch all three of us pretty much every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday – and one of those days is always for a burger!) since The Whuff was born and it’s a really nice little tradition since our schedules don’t allow for family dinners during the week.

Recently, we got a gift certificate to Legal Sea Foods and Nuno had his first lobster… which was a really underwhelming experience for everyone, especially the lobster. Really confused Paulo who had quite the look on his face when daddy put on a bib. Paulo hasn’t quite gotten the appeal of seafood and prefers to stick with the cuisine of his people, which is to say toddlers, which is to say we  order a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken fingers.