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I’ve been asked about P’s preferred apps on the iPad, and so here’s the rundown on what we’ve tried and what he’s liked. Your toddler may vary. Actually, your toddler probably WILL vary as mine won’t sit still and has a serious Elmo fetish. I’m also going to include our iPhone apps as he’s much more fond of those and chances are, if you have an iPad, you probably also have an iPhone. Also, more of you reading probably have an iPhone if you only have one iDevice.

First, the iPad: 

Another Monster At The End of This Book (mentioned here) is by far his favorite. By far. Leaps and bounds. He enjoys the regular paper book edition of The Monster at the End of This Book, but finds the app insipid. Clearly the lack of Elmo decreases its awesomeness in his mind by 1000%. Man has no appreciation for the classics.

Press Here. Ok, I am a big fan of this one. I love it. It’s gorgeous. The Whuff? BOR-ING. Circles? Colors? Pfffft. No Elmo, no interest. I keep trying because that’s just kind of the stubborn person I am, but I might as well delete it for the amount of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHERE IS ELMO” that it elicits.

The Poky Little Puppy. Too many words, not enough Elmo. You can make the puppies’ heads bounce around, but there really isn’t much interaction for a toddler. I’d recommend this one for a preschooler, but I hardly think its lack of entertainment is entirely due to its lack of Elmo. I don’t know why I bothered download it since he won’t let me read the entire book to him anyway, preferring board books with fewer words per page, but y’know. Hope springs eternal? Something?

Laugh & Learn Shapes and Colors. This is good for five minutes or so. In the manner of toddlers, Paulo can’t be bothered with the Press Here circles but will watch the damn Fisher Price giggling blue circle bounce around the yellow screen. Go figure. Toddlers. They just don’t know what’s good. We originally got this on iPhone and I put it on the iPad as I thought it would be good on the bigger screen, and it is. For a few minutes anyway.

iPhone Apps. 

Elmo Calls. If you have a toddler who has ever watched Sesame Street ever, DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW DO IT DO IT NOW NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THE REST OF THIS SENTENCE WHY HAVEN’T YOU DOWNLOADED IT YET. P’s favorite is the Peek-A-Boo video call, but pretty much any of the Face Time calls will get a positive response and he can be counted upon to laugh at Elmo every time. (I purchased all of the call packs after it was so well received and it’s been totally worth it.)

Fisher Price Animal Sounds For Baby. This is the lamest app ever and I only got it because it was free. All it does is have a little animated animal picture and says the name of the animal and makes a sound. That’s it. That’s all. There are two little mini-songs that aren’t even really songs so much as words about animals that some dope thought would sound melodic (“Duckies swim and waddle!”). HOWEVER. THIS APP IS APPARENTLY TODDLER CRACK. This is seriously the stupidest app I’ve ever seen and P will beg for it and watch it for as long as I’ll let him have possession of my phone and will lose his damn mind when it goes away. I don’t claim to understand this. I have absolutely no idea if this is a universal response or if he just particularly enjoys the simple things in life.

The Playmatic. I have no idea why this is rated two stars as it’s awesome. It’s the first app we ever downloaded for P and when he was in the 6-9mo range he loved the hell out of it. Now he’ll play with it for a few minutes and then start wondering what the hell happened to Elmo and/or the poorly animated farm animals. Still, there was a period of time where he’d go bats whenever I was on the phone because THE PHONE MEANS BUBBLES WHY DON’T I HAVE THE BUBBLES. Great app.