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One would think that with Nuno home on the weekends and around to help corral The Whuff, I would be less tired on the weekends. One would be wrong. Daddy is Paulo’s absolute favorite person in the world and he’s taken up a full on nap embargo on the weekends because ZOMG DADDY IS IN THE HOUSE WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING WHILE DADDY IS HERE. So, we have more out of the house adventures, fewer naps, and uffffffffffff. This means we’ve totally become those parents whose kid is watching cartoons on the iPhone as to not totally flip out and disturb the other patrons at our chosen lunch establishment.

This weekend is also the weekend that fall has decided to hit Boston and the combination of the grey skies and my brand new down comforter makes me very much yearn to spend the afternoon in bed. Though spending it walking around the South End wasn’t half bad either.

(Oh yeah, and that pic with the crayons? He’ll organize them forever. Won’t draw, but will put the crayons in the box, dump them out, put them back in for over an hour. For a kid who doesn’t enjoy sitting still, it’s flat out amazing.)