Watching: Just finished Season 6 of Dexter and ZOMG THE LAST SCENE ZOMG. Also currently fuming that the good people of Showtime network do not allow the current season to be watched in any pay per episode format on Amazon or iTunes or anything. I always watch my shows legally, I won’t torrent (for reasons having to do with paranoid husband is paranoid) and I’m more than happy to pay for them and it’s very much an ARGH I AM TRYING TO SHOVEL MONEY AT YOU TAKE MY MONEY situation.

Listening to: P was jamming with his drum this morning, so we put on his Ladysmith Black Mambazo station on Pandora. I love traditional South African music so much, I must have been a Zulu lady in a former life.

Thinking About: Not too much at the moment. I’ve been having a spate of crazy weird dreams – quite a few about Iceland. Must be the return to colder weather. Anyhow, I’m not going to recount my dreams – suffice to say they’re the type where you wake up and spend the rest of the day going “Huh.” with a side of “I’m not sure what you’re on about subconscious, but rather than hammering your point home, I wish you’d just stop.”

Trying to Figure Out: How to obtain paper from the art supply store wherein the paper is down a flight of stairs and there is no elevator and the store employees were greatly baffled by my “baby cart.” I think the obvious answer is “order it instead.” THERE. SORTED. (Other options: go to different store in Cambridge, thus involving the T and the redline and… well… maybe? If we need to waste an entire afternoon?)

Looking Forward To: Mama’s coming down for a visit on Thursday and we’re gonna hit up the MFA. (Yes, with The Whuff. Plan is to do a quick and dirty look around – we’ve both been there many many times before – and then set him free in the courtyard.) Perhaps I can also get her to watch the “baby cart” while I go and purchase some paper? The possibilities are endless. Well, not really, the possibilities are in fact limited to “what we can do within a reasonable distance of my house during the hours between 11AM and 4-ish PM.” But that’s still quite a lot of possibilities.

Reading: Plodding through The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and… SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS DID I MENTION SPOILERS OK SPOILERS. Finally starting to get interested in the plot in Section II, which was really dragging and kind of bleeehhhhh in Section I but why, OH WHY, do I keep accidentally reading books that involve trauma to children? Ohboy! There’s a secret cult! That’s fun! That practices… infanticide. Dudes. I know this is supposed to be a plot twist, but please put that shit on the back of the book because some of us are fragile and AAHHHHH THE BABBIES. I feel I owe it to David Mitchell to finish and find out if someone finally saves the babies… but… also… fragile. Seriously, I can do any number of depressing and disturbing subjects, but motherhood had made me gooey in certain places and even imagining harm to children just kicks me in the solar plexus and I’m thinking about it now and I’m just glad P’s awake so I can go and pester and torment him with smooches.

Making Me Happy: I’m doing pretty well at doodling a little bit every day to sort of warm-up my art muscles and it’s pretty great. I’m not necessarily happy with the outcome of each individual drawing thingy, but getting my hands moving definitely helps with my general happiness level.

[ Playing along with Sometimes Sweet. ]