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We’ve been super busy doing things like “not being able to photograph playdates because it’s just a giant blur and/or P’s trying to steal the other baby’s eye again.” Seriously, kid. Stop going for the eyes. (At least during our playdate with the lovely Rachael and Lux of Erstwhile Dear he kept his hands to himself even if he didn’t do anything useful like “stay in one place for ten seconds.”)

We have been able to take a few pictures walking around the Back Bay/Beacon Hill border on Commonwealth Ave and hanging out with the nerds (I say lovingly as I was attending this event at the request of my nerd husband) at the Somerville Maker’s Faire. While I understood exactly none of what was going on there, The Whuff is clearly an engineer in training and is absolutely fascinated with his new tool kit.

I totally need to get better at documenting some of these more exciting events as from my Instagram photos, you might think the only thing that happened this week is I bought some clementines and put them in a blue bowl (which DID happen) when truly, we had some super good times. I’ve always been like that, great at capturing the mundane – too into having a good time to remember to bring out my damn camera when something special happens.