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We’ve been erring on the side of under-documenting our days the past few weeks. It’s a tricky balance between Instagramming every cup of tea and going days without so much as a single photo. So, this is a jumble of adventures.

Or should I say, a jumble of disasters. Pictured here are our trip to Saus, which had amazing food but no free tables (and no high chairs at all!) and so, we sat outside. On a beautiful afternoon – probably the last day in 2012 that one could sit outside comfortable. However this did not “sit” well with Nuno and the ensuing grumpiness soured everyone’s fries. (Which is really too bad because they’re amazing fries.) So… lovely pictures, crappy day.

And art class! I’m really hesitant to sign Paulo up for actual classes as it always happens with toddlers that you have to miss a few or you drag him out anyway even though he’s in a horrible mood because you’ve already *paid* for it. Done it as a nanny and it’s not really my style as a mom. However! ART! Our apartment is covered in beige carpet for reasons passing understanding, so I haven’t been keen on busting out art supplies any more exotic than crayons. I thought hey, won’t it be fun to play with paint and have someone else clean it up! I’ll pay for that, gladly!

To which. Paulo would like me to know that he is not my monkey. This photo is mostly staged and he immediately put down the marker and tried to escape the room. Which is all that he did for both sessions of class that he attended. The only thing to hold his interest was a locked cabinet. And so, I both signed him up and pulled him out of his very first class. The very nice folks at Isis were kind enough to exchange our tuition for another class – starting in January – and suggested that this particular Whuffle might do better in a movement class. Yes. Probably so.

This is just another in a series of incidents demonstrating that while this kiddo looks like me, his personality is 100% Nuno. Through and through. It’s really hilarious how he truly is a clone of each of us – one on the inside, one on the outside. Were it the other way around, we’d have a dark haired baby who only wanted to paint and read and would sit down and protest a “movement” class.

[ This first picture, btw, you can’t really see it clearly but the figure above the crowd is throwing knives. Which has been placed as #1 in the list of Hobbies Paulo is Absolutely Not Allowed to Take Up. It’s really interesting how much being a parent colors your view of the world in “AAUGH YOU’RE GONNA POKE YOUR EYE OUT” glasses. ]

[ The photo of Paulo with the fork trying to eat like a people wasn’t at Saus – but at Max Brenner, which wasn’t a disaster but an absolutely lovely experience and whose waffle fries are emphatically Whuffle Approved. ]