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In general, being a mom is a lot easier than being a nanny… but there are certain aspects of day to day life where I look back fondly on my days of going to a child-free location at five o’clock. Nothing to do with wanting to be away from Paulo, but more wishing that I could have a second kid-free apartment.

I’m currently writing this in my bedroom, where each and every item of clothing owned by the Alves family is strewn about the floor. In his room, every book and toy Paulo owns has been thrown on the floor. Every pot in the kitchen has been liberated from the cupboard. I’m grateful that we don’t own more things as we’re running out of floor space to display them all.

As a nanny, my own clothes were safe from becoming artistic installations. Also when nannying, I worked for families with large homes and dedicated playrooms. As my only duties were child care related, I could keep messes confined to *areas* of the home and not the entirety of all available space. No need to go into mom and dad’s room ever at all. Here, if I close the door to my bedroom I’ve decreased the available play space by 25%. We spend a lot of time outside the house, but especially as winter descends…. so does the chaos.

If I ever want to fold a shirt ever again, we need to install latches on the drawers this weekend. Looking on the bright side, seeing all of my clothes at once is emphasizing how badly most of them need to be replaced and making it very clear exactly what I need. Looks like Operation Maybe I Should Own A Few Skirts That Don’t Have Holes will be a worthy project for some of my Christmas money.

I am having pre-emptive regret that we bought Duplos for the Whuff that he will undoubtedly toss across the house. Individually. So as best to get lost and then stepped on. Yes, one of the glories of nannying that I didn’t realize at the time – not having to worry about stepping on Legos in the middle of the night. See also: not having to get up in the middle of the night to provide beverages to pint sized terrorists.

But as a mom, I get perks like all the sartorial decision making power for at least a few years, meaning I get to buy dinosaur pajamas and dragon rain boots and sometimes my kid will want to wear them at the same time. Being a mom totally wins.