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One of my favorite bloggers has been doing some outfit of the day posts and it’s inspired me to pick up on my own personal fashion documentation. And lo, it’s been so long that I had to reset my Polyvore password in order to make a little set of my outfit as I lack all of the following: a full length mirror, a tripod, an assistant with enough patience to retake photos if the first ones come out with me looking like a malcontent sausage. (Ahem.) I did attempt photos from various angles to try to capture details of the outfit, but it all looked very… sausagey on my part and did the clothes no favors. SO. Polyvore sets it is.

Note, I will be faithful in documenting what I actually wore and not some “I would wear this in some perfect world where I had the closet of the entire world available to me.” In fact, I will even note discrepancies should they arise, which they did in this set.

I probably won’t do this every day as I currently have a few outfits I cycle through, but I’ll try to highlight my uniform staples and remixes from time to time. If only for my own amusement. And if there was anything I needed today, it was a really low brain-power project for my own amusement.


[ Feb 2 on Polyvore ]

Discrepancies: The actual mittens I can’t find online, but they’re similar enough. The henley is this one from Free People, which is way more awesome than the one pictured. The skirt is this one from American Apparel, again, better than the very close approximation. I guess what I’m saying is the boots and leggings are exact – everything else is damn close. On top of all of this goes a red wool peacoat.
Just so you have some proof that I did indeed wear these things, here’s me showing off the detail on the cuff.  Or trying to. Mostly just me having an awkward moment with the front facing camera, complete with a finger in front of the lens. (Note: Yes, I do indeed wear this much eyeliner every day. It’s a lifestyle.)