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It’s the calm before the storm… in many ways. Yesterday was a whirlwind day trip up to Vermont on a family errand, tomorrow RAGNARÖK is expected to hit Boston. Today was the lull in between – catching up on naps, running a few errands… or attempting to. 2013 has not been a lucky year thus far, and while nothing horrible has happened to me personally – things just keep going awry. Such as getting a new debit card on Tuesday as my old one had stopped working for some reason – only to have the replacement card not work at all today. Much more difficult to successfully run an errand without being able to exchange money for goods and services. So instead we hit up the playground before it becomes buried in snow up to a Whuffle’s head.

See those quick snaps of the South End today – such clear skies! And sidewalks! Oh, not for long. Being that we haven’t had 30″ of snow total in the last two years, it seems the city has collectively forgotten how to deal with it.

For me, I’ll confess, I’ve done exactly nothing to prepare. We got groceries on Tuesday, so the house is plenty stocked up. I’ll be sure all portable electronic devices have a full charge and unearth a flashlight or two, that’s about it. While I’ll confess that hurricanes just totally freak me the hell out – blizzards? Ok, so you get snowed in for a few days. Maybe you lose power. If you live in New England, chances are you own a hat and a few sweaters and blankets. No big deal. And hey! If you have three feet of snow and you lose power, keeping your perishables cool isn’t so much of a problem. (Probably doesn’t apply in the city wherein our building manager probably would not be amused by my piling our cheese collection in the courtyard, even if I volunteered to share.) (I guess I am doing ONE thing to prepare: I’m going to eat a lot of cheese. Y’know. So it doesn’t go bad.) My only real fear is Nuno going in to work tomorrow and getting stuck there overnight, but I’m accepting that if he goes in and gets stuck and didn’t have the sense to bring snacks – that’s kind of his problem. I can’t stop him. I can, and probably will, slip a Nutri Grain bar or two into his bag.

So here we are. Not worried, just waiting.