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Yeah, ok, lame reference to late 80’s gum featuring a rainbow zebra… but it’s what I think of every time I wear this sweater. Which is a lot. Because it’s a great sweater.


Sweater: Free People / Shirt: This one by Free People, the one in the image is just a cunning stand in / Skirt and leggings both from American Apparel / Boots: Doc Martens (the ones I actually own are indeed matte and not patent leather)

This is one of my kookier outfits when paired with my coat and scarf and mittens and whatnot as the sweater is so long as to stick out several inches below the coat and hit the top of my boots. But I CARE NOT. Partly because without the coat, it’s a cute outfit, and partly because with it – the thermal knit shirt (a note about these Free People thermals – I have two of them and they are PERFECT for New England winters. They are very warm in and of themselves, but thin enough to add more layers on top if need be.) and the thin sweater are warm enough to stand around the playground and not freeze, but not so warm (as is the case with a more reasonable length-ed but thicker sweater) as to start sweating when walking around.

This outfit gets KOOKIEST when I wear my Sorels instead of my Docs, which I did today as it was cold and I wanted to hit up the playground before it is covered in three feet of snow (in which case, I’ll *really* need the waterproof boots). Proof that I did this and even went out in public:



Oh yes, I will look like a slightly odd (but very warm) freak before I succumb to the traditional Bostonian winter uniform of black down coat/black leggings/and brown Ugg boots. DEATH BEFORE UGGS.