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My favorite moments of parenthood tend to be the ones that aren’t photographed. Spending an hour and a half playing in the Copley fountain. Getting smooches on the playground. Hearing Paulo excitedly count “unnn… oooooo… eeeeeeee….” (one, two, three) for no apparent reason. His laugh. My photos all tend to be more mundane: smiles at the playground. That thing he left in my bed. That weird thing he did there.

The art of blogging is really the art of picking and choosing. There are plenty of good photos of good times, a very few great photos of great times, almost zero amazing photos of excellent times… and… some pretty nice pictures of what was, all in all, a mediocre time.

The following photo series is the result of a sort of “experiment” I gave myself to see if I could come up with a blog-worthy “magical outing!” entry out of a morning that really needed redeeming. (Because really, I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen “magical!” blog outings and wondered how many tantrums were thrown when Instagram wasn’t looking.)

Strawberry picking wasn’t the worst morning of our lives, but it was hardly the best. Paulo found it very hard to understand that the tractor on the playground was for climbing, but the tractors on the field were not. He’s not a man who enjoys sitting still and even the fresh strawberries weren’t enough enticement to get him to do so for more than five minutes – he got one that was too big for his mouth, half gagged on it, and that was the end for him. He *did* enjoy the donut and slushie we shared and I *did* get my current favorite photo of the two of us, sharing a drink together, his very first time groking the proper use of a straw.

(Thankfully our friends had a very different morning. The other toddler had an AMAZING time – being a man who enjoys more sedentary pursuits, he was *thrilled* to put his strawberries into a bucket, especially after he gained custody of Paulo’s discarded bucket.)

While the morning was mostly a wash, the experiment was itself a success. I posted the photos on FaceBook and all of the comments were in the “Looks like the best time!” vein. So. There you have it. Behind every gorgeous outing, there may lie any number of untold tantrums.

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