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One of the neatest/craziest/and simultaneously most annoying things about where we live is that running simple errands takes us into the heart of Boston’s tourist zone. It’s amazing that I took these snaps while out and about picking up such exciting things as “fruit for snack time” and “Tylenol” that some people have traveled around the country (or world) to see…

… and annoying that every time I want to go into the pharmacy or the grocery store or the post office, I have to battle lines of tourists with those horrible duck “whistles.”

If you visit Boston, enjoy my city and take as many photos as you please. I’ll happily walk around you. Feel free to check your maps a thousand and six times if you need. If you ask me for directions, I’ll be happy to oblige. But please, for the LOVE OF PETE, do not allow your children to buy those duck whistles.

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