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A few weeks ago I was offered my first opportunity to publish a column on a REAL WEBSITE WITH ACTUAL READERS. Much like my first review pitch, I stared at the email for quite some time wondering if it was really intended for me. Being that it was, I started thinking about what to write.

And thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And mulling it over so many times it became overthinking. What would have been the easy, and probably right, thing to do would have been to bang something out and send it off. But no. That is not my way. My way is to push it to the deadline and obsess. Which I did. And while that deadline loomed, this space got ignored – not wanting to waste a single word until this more “Important” post was written.

I finished it this morning and I was so proud of it. And then I went back to check the site’s other posts and had a sudden sinking feeling. Crap. This isn’t what they’re looking for. Crap. Crap. Crap. And as I read the other posts, I realized… this isn’t how I write. This isn’t how I want to write. I’m proud of the post that all of my overthinking brewed. I’m not interested in reading one more This is How I Learned About Love From Doing Too Many Loads of Laundry post on parenting. And I’m certainly not interested in writing one.

I am interested in sharing these photos of our past few weeks as we’ve said goodbye to summer and settled into to the quieter days of autumn. We’ve spent as much time outside as we possibly can before the darkness hits. Oh yes, WINTER IS COMING and it is the number one topic of playground chit chat. How are we going to survive? What are we even going to do in our own apartments? We don’t even know, let’s just stay out one more hour and think about it tomorrow.