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No, no surprise. Also no surprise, it’s inspired by song lyrics. I get a lot of inspiration from music and often my sketches are illustrations of lyrics – this time, it’s Iron & Wine – Upward Over the Mountain. The line: “Mother remember the blink of an eye when I breathed through your body.” Yes, I know fetuses don’t grow in lungs, but this is my artistic “vision” here. Just go with it.


Forgive the shiny paint, I took this photo under the “best” lighting conditions that I have, but being as our scanner is currently living in Nuno’s office – even the “best” conditions leave me shaking my fist. So.

It does feel a bit like “cheating” in a way that I went in and put down paint after P was asleep. SHHHHHH. The whole idea of our sketchbooks is that we can work together, and even though this one has been mostly been worked on in the evening (hence why it took me a mere four days to finish rather than a whole week), it still feels like a weird betrayal of the process that there was a piece of it that I couldn’t have done *with* him. It’s ok, self. There are no actual “rules” here and even if there were, you are the adult here and you can break them.


He Draws: He’s been busy. Still mostly sticking to mama’s pens. Occasionally adding detail with his own pencils, but really, mama’s pens are where it’s at. 




Ok, no one else can tell, but it’s going to drive me crazy that I think that last one is upside down. And yet, not so crazy that I’m going to go back and fix it.

We Draw: A collaborative work in watercolor and marker. This is from a kids’ “art kit” that Nuno picked up for $4 and yeah, you get what you pay for. Nuno was initially working with P and got really frustrated and bored with the watercolors and I could immediately see why. They suck. P wasn’t all that into them anyway, I think we’ll stick to the tempera paints for now – goopy is so much way better than this watercolor crap. 

(Can you tell that I personally never use watercolor, even the good kind in a tube, because it’s not ENOUGH COLOR? Yeah.)


Lastly, via Pinterest of all things, I found these two really great posts on creating art with kiddos and thought I’d share what other mama/kiddo artist pairs get up to:

– Alisa Burke: Creating With a Kid

– Buggy & Buddy: Art Journals for Kids