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I Draw: Oh look, another fetus. Based on more song lyrics. This one from the song “All I Want is You” – not sure who did the original, but we have a Tristan Prettyman cover on P’s Spotify playlist that we both adore. The lyric – “If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honeybee.”

Nuno took a peek at my sketchbook while I was drawing this…

“Oh, a bee! That’s so cute! And is that in… a cell?”

“No, it’s a fetus.”

“… Of course it is.”

Ah, life with an artist.


He Draws: After writing about how much he likes drawing in his sketchbook and how he does such a good job with mama’s markers… well… SOMEONE is NOT MY MONKEY. He still draws with me a bit, but the “gentle” with my markers is over. I’m biting the bullet and buying myself a new complete set and donating my current supply to Whuff’s artistic endeavors. Certainly more expensive than buying him his own markers, but he can keep using the ones with the tips pushed in and I can maintain my high standards. (Seriously, doing futzy pointilist work with tips that have been flattened is nigh on impossible.) Lesson learned: for future shared projects, we’ll work to *his* standards – not mine. While we’ll still use real art supplies, we’ll stick with kids’ tempera paints rather than my good acrylics.

He also hasn’t really been into drawing lately. Because, well, NOT MY MONKEY. He’ll sit for a few seconds at a time, but he hasn’t been filling pages the same way he had been a few weeks ago. So it goes. Last thing I’m going to do is force him to draw.

(Though may I just say, my son’s interests and mine? The more I enjoy something, the greater the likelihood that he will eschew it entirely. Probably my top three favorite things: art, reading, swimming… NOPE. Sheesh. Maybe we should see if he likes soldering circuit boards with daddy because I’m striking out in shared activities.)

Anyhow, he has done a few new pages here and there.


We played a bit with tempera paint this weekend – he greatly enjoyed it. We killed our Whuffle friendly paint supply, but I plan on making this a more regular activity when our next paint shipment comes in.

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