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I Draw: What’s surprising isn’t that I drew an octo-fetus, but that given my disposition to drawing both octopi and fetuses that it took me until now to do so.

(This fetus, btw, is an homage to a certain Whuffle who once inhabited my uterus. BabyGirl is a swimmy mermaid. The Whuff was like being pregnant with an octopus on meth.)


He Draws: Thanks to a new selection of art supplies as a belated Christmas/early Valentine’s present from my BFF, P’s had a renewed interest in drawing. He likes to take the drawing pad and spread out the pages like a book and make very long drawings. I highly, highly recommend this particular “young artist’s kit” – the double tipped markers are an especially big hit.


We Draw: Got out the tempera paints again this weekend. This time we spent a bit more time painting together. After I made some circles, P proudly declared “O!” and started asking for more letters, so he would point to a spot on the paper and I would write the requested letter. W was a particular favorite this time around.

A note on materials: Nuno has done a few art “projects” with P where the approach has been “put everything out and hope for the best.” He was a bit puzzled observing me this weekend that I only had three colors of paint, I had the paint on a palette (ok, Tupperware lid) rather than letting him just stick his brush in the jar (and thereby mix all the colors together, which ruins the paint). He thought for sure P was going to get bored this way, but discovered – as I have learned in my many years of doing with art with tots – that it was just the opposite. He was better able to retain his focus and work with the materials when he had limits rather than when he was overstimulated by TOO MANY CHOICES MUST USE ALL THINGS. Your own tot may vary, but I highly recommend sticking to a few colors with paint at first, especially if they seem to have trouble concentrating.